Our Stars here are what others call content creators. 

If you like to watch them closely you shoudl honor their creations with a subscription. Those subscription can be cancelled anytime with ending after the actually period. 

The Stars are producing material that you might like to watch or read. The Stars have the choice to make some of the items available for free, but mostly they will ask you to subscribe to their content. 

Subscribing to a Star gives access to the content posted by that Star. 

With the subscription, you can interact and even "mail" directly with the Star with the chat function in your account. 

Besides the subscription, the Star can decide for every item in the daily feeds if that post should be available or locked! 

When it is locked it is possible to open it with some tokens. If you have a subscription THIS DOES NOT include items that are only available by tokens. And this decision is only made by our independent Stars.

We also continuously improve the site and release new features, since there is only one subscription type you can always be assured you get the full functions even when we upgrade them in the future!